Diverse Pain Management Treatments

*Medical services are provided by our affiliated company Gilbert Complete Medical Clinic LLC.

The Gilbert Complete Medical Clinic’s pain management professionals work exclusively to assist you in the safe and effective reduction of pain. The team of board-certified specialists in pain management has a niche commitment to appropriate, effective pain management.

Back And Neck Pain Treatment

Back and neck pain can turn an active, positive daily life into an impossible hourly challenge and is often accompanied by inflexibility and reduced mobility. These are two of the most common medical complaints and can be due to muscle strain, degenerative diseases, ergonomics, pinched nerves, weight issues and load versus strength imbalances.

Joint Pain Treatment

Joint pain is more common than most people know and is not the domain of only the elderly. Ignoring joint pain when you are younger can lead to long-term complications. Injuries such as a sprained ankle or twisted knee can cause severe acute pain. Improper or ignored treatment of an injury, pinched nerves, unstable joints, inflammatory disease, and being overweight are common causes of chronic joint pain.

Our team’s holistic approach has diverse modalities to treat the causes and bring you relief.

Headache Treatment

The WHO (World Health Organization) reports that up to 75% of adults have headaches at least once every twelve months and 30% of those are migraines. Migraines are often caused by inflamed occipital nerves, and general headaches are a secondary symptom of another underlying cause. Our holistic approach treats the cause while the relief of symptoms can be achieved as fast as fifteen minutes.

Trigger Point Injections (TPI)

TPI can treat localized painful clusters of muscle that are spasmed. This spasm or trigger point often refers pain to other parts of the body and therefore requires a skilled clinician to assess the source.

Assessments can be done using manual pressure or with instruments that measure the amount of pressure needed to deactivate the spasm. Diagnostic ultrasound is sometimes used for imaging the exact location, depth, and dimensions of the spasm.

TPI, dry needling and physiotherapy are some of the treatments used in conjunction with long-term prevention plans.

Sciatica Treatment

Sciatica can be a completely debilitating condition that affects you physically and mentally. The pain can range from a dull burn to an excruciating, piercing pain that can affect sleep, mobility, concentration, energy levels, work productivity, relationships, and quality of life.

Treatment can be in the form of pain relief combined with x-ray diagnostics, chiropractic, physiotherapy, and a prevention plan.

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