Therapeutic Massage Wellness Treatments

The therapeutic massage specialists at the Gilbert Complete Medical Clinic specialize in identifying the sources of pain you are experiencing and relieving the pain with a hands-on methodology. Therapeutic Massage Therapy results are enhanced when combined with chiropractic, primary care, and other modalities. Vice versa, chiropractic results are also enhanced by therapeutic massage as muscle tension is released and a healthier elongated muscle position is achieved.

Massage therapy has an excellent history of complementing other treatments and being an excellent prophylactic against future discomfort or injuries.

What Are The Benefits Of Therapeutic Massage?

You can expect a range of benefits when booking a therapeutic massage program, such as:

  • Faster recovery times after intense exercise or injury
  • A stronger immune system
  • Inflammation alleviation
  • Greater mobility of muscles and joints
  • Enhanced circulation and cell rejuvenation
  • Better quality sleep

Therapeutic Massage, Chiropractic, And Primary Care

Therapeutic Massage enhances the results of Chiropractic by facilitating more effective adjustments and assisting with stabilizing the adjustment long term. It prepares the muscles by working them into a relaxed and elongated condition. Your entire body is prepped and ready to receive various treatments through massage preparation and is an excellent prophylactic against future discomfort and injuries.

Massage helps the body detoxify itself, absorb medicines and nutrients more effectively and strengthen its immune system.

Athletes And Therapeutic Massage

 Athletes are excellent candidates for therapeutic massage as it enhances your general wellbeing and helps keep you at peak fitness. A primary sector of treatment from physiotherapists, when treating injuries, is the use of therapeutic massage for the following athletic or sports person’s benefits:

  • Enhanced Circulation – Accelerated circulation delivers more blood supply (with nutrients and oxygen) to appropriate areas, thereby enhancing healing, avoiding stiffness, and improving muscles’ performance.
  • Stronger Immune System – Take your immune system’s natural defenses to a new level when massage activates your body’s cytotoxic capacity.
  • Reduced Scar Tissue – Scar tissue (adhesions) can restrict mobility, be a source of pain, and hinder recovery. Massage is very effective and very important in reducing adhesions and unbinding muscles.
  • Muscle Relaxation – Muscle relaxation alleviates soreness, restricted mobility, and degrees of pain. Whether it is during or after injury rehabilitation, massage has a weekly role to play in the life of an athlete.
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